Raising money for Macmillan written by student, Freya Mercier.

To help raise money for Macmillan three tutor groups worked closely alongside each other with the help of our tutors. As a team we decided to create Christmas Cards and bags of sweets. We sold our products during December around the college, various students also went around the college selling the cards and sweets to both staff and students. The items we sold were set to a minimal price therefore we had to work hard to sell out of our products. This was achieved by the team effort and hard work we all put in to the project. We decided to raise money for Macmillan as we believe they are such a great charity in helping provide support for people that have been affected by cancer. By working in this project we not only raised money for the charity but we also learnt how to work with others. By building a strong team effort we were able to raise an impressive £106.55; which we are all pleased and proud about.