Going for Gold


As many of us were enjoying the sunshine for Amber Tooze, Heather Eastwood, Ellie Looker and Eleanor Griffiths it only made the gruelling expedition even tougher.

During the four day trek, the girls chose an exceptionally stunning route which was enhanced by the clear skies as they headed towards the summit of Snowdon. 

Each of the girls were pushed to their own personal limits during the expedition with the heat, midges, tiredness and blisters.  But on day four they were rewarded when they reached the summit.

Amber said “I would do it again, but not for a bit if that’s ok!  Although the blisters are really bad, knowing I made it makes me feel really proud, and the ice cream at the end is great.“   

Ellie said “The best bit was reaching the top of Snowdon on the fourth day but the midges were definitely the worst bit” 

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