Derive Logic – IT Applications Apprentices

Josh Riddett, 19 and Charlie Hughes, 19, both started their 12 month IT Applications Specialist Advanced apprenticeships at Derive Logic in July last year. Paul Matarazzo, Derive Logic service delivery manager said

“This is our first time taking on apprentices but we’ll certainly be looking to do it again. Our work with them is half about moulding them to what we need and half about developing their passions and letting them move forward in that way. I would absolutely recommend other employers to give apprentice schemes a chance. There are a lot of young people today who would rather get straight into work than go to university, so it’s about nurturing that demographic”.

Josh, said

“When selecting an apprenticeship, this (Derive Logic) was definitely the place that was most appealing. Going to university wasn’t something that appealed to me. This route means I can learn as I work and get an easier port into the industry. I’m learning and showing skills to a potential employer that graduates would have to do anyway when they enter the job market. This area of the industry is fast growing and I wanted to get in quickly”.

Charlie said

“I didn’t want to get into debt for a start. I knew I wanted to do an apprenticeship but wasn’t sure exactly what in. I really liked the sound of the company and felt the scheme they were running would suit me. There’s a very good working spirit here which has made it a great environment to learn in. At times it’s been very challenging, but I think it’s a good way of getting into the working routine. I think the longer you stay in full time education the harder it is to get into the swing of things when you do get a job”