St James’s Place Wealth Management – Business Administration Apprentices

Jessica Masters, 19, and Charlotte Bignell, 18 started their Business Administration Apprenticeships at St. James’s Place Wealth Management last year.

Jessica said

“I chose to do an apprenticeship rather than go to university as I am much more of a practical learner. Studying my Business A-Level made me realise that I wanted to work within HR in an office environment and this did not necessarily require a university degree. My apprenticeship will mean that I will not incur a huge student loan, but I will have a wealth of knowledge to guide me through my career. Both reading the job description that was advertised on the national Apprenticeship website and researching more into the company through their careers website helped me to decide that they were a company that I would love to work for. It is fair to say that no day is the same in my job role and it’s the variety that I love about it most! However, some tasks that I am involved with are organising aspects of our Intern, Work Experience or Graduate Programmes, answering adhoc queries over the phone or via email, assisting with the new starter processor or organising a training workshop.”

Charlotte said

“I chose an apprenticeship over other routes into work as I preferred the idea of working in an organisation and learning on the job in an industry I am passionate about and being supported through a qualification, rather than solely studying. I had known that the financial services industry particularly interested me, however, I was unsure of which specific area I wanted to pursue a career in. Due to the open nature of the company, I am also able to gain an understating of the other roles in this sector that I could potentially pursue later on in my career. As regulations are constantly changing, I do not technically have a “typical day” which is one of the aspects I enjoy”.