TIES host annual Networking Event

The Innovation and Enterprise Society (TIES) is a group run by students at Cirencester College who all share the aim to expand networking opportunities for aspiring young business people. We believe that by engaging with young entrepreneurs, business owners can not only inspire and motivate, but furthermore make connections with future employees and other businesses alike – all made possible via our society.

Our showcase Networking Event was held on Thursday 24th November 2016 in the Sundial theatre at the college for businesses to connect with and motivate students. The event was a huge success and we had great feedback from businesses saying how impressed they were by students. It was the fourth year students had been running the event. However this year’s had the biggest attendance yet with over 400 people from the college and local community contributing.

Students were immersed in the knowledge and experience of the business and enterprise world and taught the importance of networking. In the past local small businesses have had a phenomenally positive influence on the event but this time their input was incredible.

The entrepreneurial advice given by businesses culminated in an ex-student, Jeevan Thandi giving an excellent presentation on the importance of coding in the future. Students were inspired by the level of expertise Jeevan showed and his honest attitude towards his education and experience while at Cirencester College.

It was great to see the success of the day from an organiser’s perspective, after attending last year’s event and after planning the day for so long, I hope that all who attended found it worthwhile. As part of the society I found it extremely rewarding that so many people benefitted from the hard work we put in to organising the event. The fact that so many businesses come back year after year says a lot about the value they place on the experience, not to mention how much students learn from their expertise. By the end of the day, exhausted but elated, the society gathered to discuss how it went. The offers of mentoring, office tours and work experiences proved to us that it was worth all the time and effort. Jeevan commented that “it was an absolute pleasure to come back and give a talk to the place that really kick started my career route. I am very passionate about the future in technology and to get asked so many amazing questions at the end of my talk shows that the next generation are engaged and excited about what is to come”.

The TIES society would like to thank everyone who helped make the event so successful. Ellie Gibson (on behalf of TIES).