The Sundial Theatre Company will be performing Three by Harriet Braun at Sundial Theatre

The Sundial Theatre Company will be performing Three by Harriet Braun at Sundial Theatre, Cirencester on Tuesday 7th and Wednesday 8th February as part of National Theatre Connections – a nationwide celebration of new plays for young people.

 It’s a long, hot summer. Six teenagers are in various states of lust, longing and unrequited love. A boy has a crush on the girl next door; only she’s going out with the school heartthrob. Two teenagers meet for a blind date but they’re both thinking about someone else. A shy girl with a secret makes friends with the most popular girl in her class. Only these are love stories with a difference: thanks to the inner voice trailing around after each character, we get to hear what they’re all saying and thinking. Fortunately there’s a narrator to keep us all on track, but there’s a small problem: our narrator would much rather be on reality TV.

 Alex Curry, Performing Arts Lecturer at Cirencester College said, “ The company chose to perform Three by Harriet Braun because of the potential for mixing comedy and sincere emotion in a student performance. The play has offered students the chance to portray realistic characters while exploring comic techniques to help engage the audience.”

“Over 60 Cirencester College students auditioned for 13 roles in Three. Once casting was finalised, there was huge amount of work done in rehearsals to build trust and develop a community in our company of actors. This was done simply because all characters except one have an inner voice following them around all the time, which is played by another actor. It has been crucial to create a strong professional bond between all the actors in order for them to portray their character relationships as naturally as possible. It has been an absolute pleasure working with such an enthusiastic and creative group of young actors.”

To book to see Sundial Theatre Company perform Three at Sundial Theatre on Tuesday 7th and Wednesday 8th February – contact the box office:

Tues 7th February 19.30 &  8th February 14.00 & 19.30  Evenings £5, Matinee free

For further information, contact Alex Curry – or to find out more about National Theatre Connections, visit

Suitable for ages: 15+