National Careers Week Round-Up

As part of National Careers Week, Cirencester College held its annual Higher Education and Careers Convention.  Over 1000 students attended to find out more about their next steps.  Russell Group Universities were well represented and support from local employers were invaluable.  National Careers Week also happens to be National Apprenticeship Week, many employers at the Convention talked to students about their apprenticeship schemes and at a separate Information Evening for Apprenticeships, over 150 people attended to find out more.

This hugely successful event was followed this week by Financial Awareness Seminars for students to access what their future earning potential could be and what lifestyle they could expect to lead based on their starting salaries. These sessions were a practical hands on budgeting exercise and students commented on how useful it was to break down the cost of living based on real salaries.  Some jaw dropping moments saw students revaluate the reality of leading the lifestyle they aspire to.