Geology students visit the Isle of Wight

Recently a group of Geology students went on a 3 day residential trip to the Isle of Wight. The weather was sunny and the rocks were interesting, what more could you want? We started off looking at the local geology, getting an idea of how to describe a rock and working out the history of the area. The students worked hard and had some great ideas.

Later that day we changed sites and looked at some large-scale geological folding and got to grips with working out which way up the rocks were. The students were very impressive in applying their classroom knowledge to the field site. We ended up staying out in the field an hour extra to make the most of the time on the trip and the student made every minute count.

As our final task, the students we released on a new site to make notes and work out what sequences of events had led to the rock formations seen. Once again the pupils excelled and picked apart the information and shared their ideas.

Upon our return we have been looking at some of the areas of the specification that the trip covered. One of the students said ‘I actually know loads of this from the field trip!’.

Gareth James
Lecturer in Geology