Aiden Kielty & Chris Rule – Derive Logic

Aiden chose to apply for an apprenticeship because he felt it was the best way for him to start his career, as it was an opportunity for him to get experience of the job whilst learning about it at the same time here and at Cirencester College which he felt benefited me as he knew it would be a jump up from what he was previously used too at college.

Chris said he chose an apprenticeship because he didn’t want to go to university, He also wanted to take an apprenticeship because It would give him the opportunity to prove himself and earn a permanent job at the business.

Derive Logic said of the apprenticeship scheme “Apprenticeships are a fantastic way of investing for the future in home grown talent both for your company and for the apprentices that you hire. We would highly recommend it but to get the most from it you must be prepared to invest in developing an apprenticeship programme that works for you and the apprentice.”