Sam Goodfield – WMC Agency

Sam started his apprenticeship not long after completing his GCSE’s. Sam said “An apprenticeship was better suited for me and my style of learning. I don’t consider myself academic and I excel more in a practical environment where I can be hands on. I chose this course because I’m really interested in website development and being creative – I built my first website when I was just 8 years old. The most enjoyable part of my apprenticeship is being able to work on real life projects. I love meeting clients, being involved in projects and watching it come to life”

WMC Agency chose to recruit an apprentice because as part of their growth strategy there were looking to the future and exploring ways to expand and recruit fresh talent. As a young company an apprenticeship was a great way for them to take on another member of the team as well as being able to offer someone the opportunity to experience, learn and work in their chosen profession.

WMC Agency said of their apprentice “We’re thoroughly enjoying having our first apprentice. It’s proving very successful for all involved and we’d absolutely look to employ more apprentices in the future”.