Psychology students spend a day at Swansea University

Psychology students were invited by Swansea University to experience a day in the life of a University student. They were able to sit in lectures on topics they may have touched on in their A-level course and new topics to have a good insight of what to expect if they were to take psychology at University.

Students attended lectures by: Lloyd-Jones looking at Psychology as a Degree, Heather Watkins giving a talk on Individual & Abnormal Psychology and Alex Jones giving students an insight into a new area: Is Beauty In The Eye Of The Beholder? Lastly Ruth Horry talked the students through potential Employment pathways which is something all students found particularly beneficial.

Students thoroughly enjoyed the experience and found it extremely exciting to see what a real lecture would entail.

“I’ve never been to a university before and this was a great and relieving experience because I always thought the university environment would be much more daunting.”

“The staff and lecturers were all very informative and welcoming and the building layout was quite easy to follow considering that was the first time I’d ever been there.”

“I never knew there were so many different parts and careers from doing a psychology degree” 

“I loved learning that psychology is more than just learning about the topics at A level and can’t wait to take it in University!”

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