Students put politicians to the test on policies at College’s Question Time

Cirencester Sixth Form College students held local politicians to account at the College’s Question Time today. Politicians applauded students for the informed questioning from the audience. In attendance were Neil Carmichael (Conservative Party candidate for Stroud), Mark Huband (Labour Party candidate for Cotswold), Chris Harlow (UKIP candidate for Cotswold), Sabrina Poole (Green Party candidate for Cotswold and alumni of Cirencester College) and Andrew Gant (Liberal Democrats candidate for Cotswold).

The session was skillfully chaired by English lecturer John Pitt, who took questions on a variety of themes that students identified as important to their lives and to the wider community. A natural starting point was Education, the politicians were challenged on their policies for school funding, the selectiveness of our top universities in favour of independent schools and the purpose of education itself. The landscape of post BREXIT Britain caused heated debate particularly around the effects on the economy, international relations and immigration. A quick fire round of questions highlighted the Environment and taxation.

All the parties were given time to clearly set out their plans and ideas for government and explained how their opinions differed. They didn’t all have their own way though and students were quick to challenge panel members when they felt statements were unrealistic or needed expansion.

At the end of the session John Pitt congratulated the students on taking part in the debate and engaging with the politicians.

The College would like to thank all participants for giving their time at such a hectic period and making this a stimulating and realistic event for students.