Sociologists take a trip to London

Second year Sociology students recently visited London to enhance their Sociological learning.

On day 1 the group visited the Museum of London to visit the galleries including an Exhibition on Slavery followed by an evening performance of Les Miserable at the historic Queens Theatre. The show took students through an eye opening journey of the French revolution and the violent class struggles of the workers thus enhancing their appreciation of the Social Inequality Unit studied in year 1.

As part of the Crime and Deviance Unit studied in year 2, the students also attended the Old Bailey where they sat in on court cases, including fraud, terrorism and manslaughter. This gave students a real insight into the workings of a busy court and a day without technology, as mobile phones and devices are banned in court!

They were also given the opportunity to explore the surrounding area, with some students visiting nearby St Pauls Cathedral. All students embraced the busy two days with enthusiasm and maturity highlighting that they are true ambassadors of Cirencester College.

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