Cirencester students find the winning formula for the Cambridge Chemistry Challenge

Congratulations to 15 of Cirencester Sixth Form College’s Chemistry students, who successfully picked up Gold, Silver and Copper Awards from the annual Cambridge Chemistry Challenge.

The competition which challenges and stretches advanced chemistry students, is set by an experienced team of teachers and university chemists.  The competition takes students significantly beyond the syllabus and encourages them to think about science in the way they would be required to at university.  Year 12 students from across the UK are encouraged to enter and sit a 90 minute written paper, which they sit at the College.  

This year there were over 7,000 entries of which 55 students won the Roentgenium award, 543 students won gold awards and 1046 won silver awards, and 2,574 students won copper awards.  The following students were successful in picking up awards:

Name Mark Award
Juliet Biard 48 Gold
Courtney Boon 32 Silver
Lorena Davies 23 Copper
Edward Fish 17 Copper
Lucia Foster 25  Silver
Bradley Frankham  15 Copper
Eliza Griffiths 17 Copper
Sam Harding 20 Copper
Stephen Hoy 28 Silver
Regan Jefferies 26 Silver
Erin Linwood 25 Silver
James Medcraft 47 Gold
Bethany Rose 18 Copper
Aishwarya Sriraman 19 Copper
Liberty Travis 21 Copper


Chemistry lecturer Judith Cave said, “The Cambridge Challenge is a great opportunity for our STEM students to be involved in a prestigious award.  It has been a fantastic challenge for them and they have done incredibly well, we are very proud of their achievements.”

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