Geology fieldtrip write-up, Report by Heather Wilson, A Level Geology Student

First year A-level geology students recently completed a fieldtrip to the Soudley Geological Trail in the Forest of Dean to practice their geological fieldwork skills. 

This was a fantastic opportunity for the students to learn about geology in the field rather than in a classroom. In total, the group visited three geological sites. The first site was where the group were able to characterise rock types and identify geological structures. Students also practiced their measurement skills by measuring the dip and strike (angle) of the bedding planes. 

The second site required a short hike to reach more profound bedding planes and small caverns. Here more dip and strike measurements were taken to see whether they matched the previous readings, leading to the question of whether these are the same bedding planes. 

The final site visited was the spoil heap of an abandoned quarry. Here the task of trying to find and identify clear fossils was set.  

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