Chloe Haywood making a difference in Kenya

Second year A-level student Chloe Haywood has always wanted to travel to Kenya. Inspired by her father’s photos and stories of  when he spent some time there, Chloe decided from a young age that she was keen to follow in his footsteps.

In her first year at College, Chloe met up with Younique Travel Adventure Project who attended a Freshers Fair. After signing up, Chloe spent most of her spare time fundraising for her travels.  This included a challenging tandem parachute jump and working as a Lifeguard at Cirencester Leisure Centre and Cirencester Open Air Pool. Chloe worked so hard she not only raised enough money for the trip but she also had enough funds to go towards buying teaching resources for the schools in Kenya.

During her time in Kenya, Chloe who speaks Swahili, spent time teaching a wide range of children from both urban and rural settings.  Class sizes could be from anything up to 40, with children as young as 2 years old walking for up to an hour each day to get to school.

Chloe was mainly based in the city of Nakuru where she took full advantage of her surroundings to complete her Geography coursework unit by taking the opportunity of plenty of research!  Completing lots of interviews and surveys with the women to help her with her coursework on life for women living in Kenya, which she found especially interesting given that there were local elections going on during her time in Kenya.

Chloe who is passionate about wanting to make a difference, decided to sponsor a child in Nakuru, whilst completing her A-level studies in Geography, History and International Development. Chloe is busy fundraising as she is hoping to return to Kenya next year to continue her work.