Ex Cirencester College Media student returns to the classroom!

Cirencester Sixth Form College alumni, Ben Mahon came back to College to share with Film and Media students his experiences of studying Film at university and working in the Media. 

Ben who studied A-Levels at College, leaving in 2004, provided some interesting insight into life at Exeter University and the demands of studying Film. Ben discussed the pros and cons of going to university and the opportunities in apprenticeships or going straight into employment in the industry. However, he highlighted the importance of doing work experience and how he gained a placement at the Art Centre where he managed to see films for free (as well as have a free beer!). 

Ben also gained work experience with a film magazine giving him a greater understanding about the career he really wanted to work in which was production. Ben encouraged the students to keep making media productions, building up their skills and developing their own style. Ben gave some useful advice about how to find work in the industry and although this can be challenging, he pointed out that you have to be determined and persistent and to e-mail as many companies as possible.  

Ben is currently working for the BBC in London, but emphasised the range of media opportunities across the UK.  Ben’s enthusiasm and passion for his job was very clear and I am sure inspired our students who are hoping to pursue a career in the Media.

If you would like to find out more about media and film courses at Cirencester College please contact student.journeyteam@cirencester.ac.uk.