Biology students visit University of Gloucestershire

Recently 30 of Cirencester College’s Biology A level students  braved the wintery conditions to visit the University of Gloucestershire, to look at progression options in to Higher Education.

The afternoon started with a chat with two students from the University who talked about the various courses on offer for students with a background in Science A-levels, and specifically for those who are interested in taking a degree in a Biology-related subject.  The courses varied from a straight BSc in Biology to Animal Biology and associated subjects such as Environmental Science or Psychology.  It was impressive to learn that the University of Gloucestershire was rated number one nationwide in a student satisfaction survey of teaching in Biology!

In the second part of the afternoon the students were treated to a presentation from the famous Biologist Adam Hart; a world renowned researcher based at the University.  It was interesting to hear Adam talk about how scientific discoveries and inventions can often be stumbled upon by accident, such as the invention of velcro, artificial sweeteners and even the slinky spring, which has been used for sound effects in the original Star Wars movies.  In addition the students had an interactive demonstration of the formation of a fourth state of matter (plasma) in a microwave, as well as exploding hydrogen balloons.

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