First there was six!

Written by the Geology students of Cirencester Sixth Form College

First there was six. Then Almighty Gareth came to them with a noble quest only the most experienced geologists could conquer. His quest to take a minibus through the thick flurries of snow across the border into Wiltshire and out the other side to the freezing barrens of Somerset to historical Well’s Cathedral School, it was a treacherous adventure but the geology students of Cirencester college were willing to take the risk in chance of winning the prestigious competition.

Upon arrival, the tribe of geology students lead by their almighty leader Gareth, decided to adventure the streets and scenery of Wells. Most important to the students was finding a place to eat.  They stumbled across a beautiful cosy pasty in the heart of Wells, this was their final feast before the big competition. Everyone was excited and nervous, was the geology students of Cirencester really going to win? (probably not)

The students after satisfying their bellies headed towards the enormous pristine school, they rocked up on site. It was Sarah, Jono, Heather, Cameron, Alissa, Ajay and Gareth and together they were unstoppable. They burst through the doors in to the school determined and focused to win that prize of 20 pound WHS smith voucher (shared between six people).

They showcased their poster alongside their competitor’s posters. Blood, sweat and tears were forged in to that poster, the students were left hoping their sacrifices would all be for a just cause, a big win would bring honour back to their college. This was crucial. The reputation of the whole college was lying on the shoulders of these six students. Their whole lives were in preparation for this big moment.

When time arose, they presented their six-minute presentation on the fundamental geology of an IPad. Heather, Sarah and Jono smoothly opened the event with the first presentation of many. They spoke of controversies of Apple’s iPad production and how the minerals were extracted and formed.

Suddenly a quiz was thrown upon them, this would test the students geological undemanding and knowledge to the extreme. The team worked hard on the questions with many giggles and laughs in between.

Then the all-important moment happened. The results were announced. The students and teams anxiously waited to hear, there would be two awards. First for the overall competition, the geology students of Cirencester College waited tightly hand in hand for the news. However, unfortunate it went to Wells Cathedral School.

Then it was time for the poster results to be announced. This was their last opportunity to win. It was jaw-dropping moment. ‘CIRENCESTER COLLEGE HAS WON’. There was a loud cheer from the crowd. The college students walked up to retrieve their well-deserved prizes including rugby shirts, mugs and a portable charger. There were tears. They had truly won. Gareth was happy.

And this brings an end to the fateful story of the six geology students and Gareth. It wasn’t just a win for the college it was a win for geology students around the world!!

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