Vitoria takes time out to support disadvantaged Romanian children

First year student A-level Vitoria Schoeps has been using her musical talents to help raise money to support disadvantaged Romanian children.

17 year old Vitoria worked with local business and musicians to organise an Acoustic and Cocktail night recently at the JD Church on Marlborough Road, Swindon.   Vitoria hopes that his fund raiser will help support the costs of her travelling to a village near Bucharest, where she will work as a pre-school teacher in a rehabilitation centre for women and children who have been taken out of poverty and abusive homes.

The centre is run my Mana Deschisa, a non profit organisation who will be paying for her accommodation and training when Vitoria is out there on her planned trip in August.

Vitoria explained: “My parents are very kind people who are always willing to help others and they raised me in this way.  I believe that everyone should have a fair chance.  I want to do something that’s bigger than myself, and I want to express to people that they are loved and welcome.

I spent a week in Romania before working with People against Poverty.  That’s where I first heard about Mana Deschisa, I met people they’d helped and became very passionate about the work they do.  There was an opportunity to work with the group for a year and I didn’t want my parents to pay for all of it so I booked out the church and organised this event.

Vitoria is taking time out of her studies at College to go on the placement, saying “I’d like to go into teaching, charity work, or maybe politics, it’s good to be part of discussions and help other countries.  I’ve been learning Romanian, I’m better at understanding it than speaking it at the moment but I’ll pick it up quickly when I’m there.

I’m excited about the placements and so grateful for this opportunity.  I’ve been wanting to do this for a while so it’s amazing it’s so close now.”

If you would like to make a contribution to Vitoria’s fund raising you can log on to her just giving page at For more information about the Mana Deschisa, visit