Geography students visit the Field Studies Centre at Nettlecombe

Year One Geography students recently went on a Geography Residential field trip to the Field Studies Centre (Nettlecombe) run by the Field Studies Council; giving the students an opportunity to complete their own independent investigation as part of their course.

Geography student Rupli Moores-Mason wrote her own report on the visit:

“The Geography Trip to Somerset proved to be valuable, stimulating and a fun experience for all. We learnt many skills stretching from measuring infiltration rates to analyzing and collecting data on coastal management in Porlock Weir and Minehead Bay, evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of the rebranding and regeneration of Taunton. We were led by our very own Geography lecturer Thomas Seale plus benefiting from a specialist Field Studies Centre Tutor, who taught us the main steps in how to approach a fieldwork investigation.

In addition to going out and collecting our data we had morning and evening classroom sessions where we learnt about different methodologies and how to choose the relevant methods to answer our investigative question. Furthermore, we learnt how to interpret our data and represent it into different series, drawing conclusions using statistical tests.

When we were not working we explored and chilled out in the grounds of the magnificent mansion which is the field studies centre, ranging from star gazing at the top of the hill to playing badminton in the evening shadowy courtyard. We ate our meals in the great hall and made our lunches in the pantry .. who needs Hogwarts?!

A worthy and nourishing trip all round.”