Psychology students take part in sleep deprivation study

Recently a group of psychology students took part in a sleep deprivation study organised by the Psychology Society.

The purpose of the event was to test the consequences of sleep deprivation on a range of cognitive functions including memory, numeracy, logic, co-ordination, balance and intelligence. Students arrived at college at 6pm and enjoyed a lovely pizza tea before testing until 10pm.  The retesting started again at 4am.

Students were not allowed to sleep during the night and had to do whatever was needed to keep themselves awake with games, books and films.  One student commented, “We played table tennis practically all night to stay awake and can’t wait to see the results”.

The students are looking forward to analyse the findings of the report.  The report will be issued to the students by the Psychology Society early in the new academic year.  Many of the students who would happily stay awake for hours ordinarily commented  “We did not realise how hard it would be to stay awake!”

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