Countryside students from Cirencester Sixth Form College help flood prevention in Gloucester Street, Cirencester

This week Countryside Management students from Cirencester Sixth Form College have been putting their skills to the test with an exciting new environmental project in Cirencester.

The Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group (FWAG) invited the students to help alleviate flooding along the River Churn near Gloucester Street in Cirencester.  This meant the students getting stuck into a fairly messy but nonetheless enjoyable job of clearing the vegetation.

The Countryside students have worked closely with FWAG for some time now on a number of community projects in the local area conserving and improving it’s built heritage and wildlife habitats.

Course leader for Countryside Keith Monahan said, “ The students worked really hard and this particular project formed the basis of the Freshwater and Freshland Management Unit. For the second part of the unit the students will be working with the Cotswold Water Park Authority helping clear willow on their important reedbed habitats. The Freshwater unit has proved especially difficult to deliver this year due to the recent drought, in particular the river that the students normally survey in Siccaridge woods was completely dry.”

One of the students Just Jessop reflecting on trip said, “It’s nice doing something for the community in Cirencester as I’ve lived here all my life. I’m really enjoying the Freshwater unit as I have a passion for fishing so this links well with my interests.”

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