Animal Centre to the Rescue

Students and staff arrived at College this morning to find a distressed Great Northern Diver (Common Loon) lying injured in the College car park. Luckily with our own Animal Management department on hand the College was able to come to the rescue.

Kim Monahan, course leader for Animal Management just happened to be on her early morning walk with ‘Daisy’, Animal Management’s resident dog and was quickly able to come to the rescue of the unexpected visitor.

After picking the bird up and taking it back to the Centre, Kim kept the bird in a warm dark room to keep it calm whilst telephoning local rescue centre, Oak and Furrows who picked the bird up later this morning.

Kim explained, ‘we think the bird was a Great Northern Diver who may have got blown of course from the coast in the recent strong winds.  By 11am the bird looked a lot calmer so we hope to hear a happy outcome from Oak and Furrows in the next few days.”

If you would like to know more about Animal Management courses at Cirencester College check out our website on or come along to our Open Evening on Thursday 17 January 2019 between 5pm and 8pm.