Biology students visit Warwick University

This week thirty Year 1 and Year 2 Biology students visited Warwick University for a day of fascinating and inspiring lectures which covered a diverse range of Biology topics from animal behaviour to ground breaking new medical treatments.

The day began with some live microscopy involving interactive demonstrations and even a sample of cheek cells being taken from a willing member of the audience! The second talk was by a former anti-GMO activist who explained his personal story and discussed other current areas of ‘science denialism’ including climate change and vaccinations. Before the lunch break students were then treated to a talk on the day-to-day life of olive baboons and chimpanzees and they heard more on the research into primate tool use and communication.

After lunch came a fascinating lecture on how genomics is allowing early detection of oesophageal cancer and enabling life-saving surgery and treatment to be targeted to the individual. The final lecture of the day was an engaging talk on the physiological effects of spending time at altitude and how research at Everest base camp is helping the recovery of people in intensive care units.

Biology lecturer David Bell said, “The students really enjoyed the experience and will be able to apply their knowledge and develop their understanding further during their Biology lessons here at College.”

Two Biology students also explained:

 “I found the day very interesting, and I definitely learned some new things. The lectures also had elements of what we’ve learnt in Biology lessons so far, which helped to further expand my knowledge. Overall, a great day!” Emily Meaton (1st Year Biology student)

 “I really enjoyed the day to Warwick Uni, particularly the talks on microscopy and primatology, and though it was was well worth going”. Will Perrett (1st Year Biology student)

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