Military Preparation students cause a riot in Bristol!

This week our Military preparation students were given permission to riot at the Police Avon and Somerset Operational Training Unit at Clevedon in Bristol.

Students were asked to play the part of rioters in a simulated riot by verbally abusing, throwing lumps of wood and generally misbehaving at the Training Unit in order for the police to practice their public order training skills. This gave the students an unique insight into this specialised police work.

Uniformed Public Services Lecturer Mark Williams said, ³this was a great opportunity for students to experience the mayhem of public order situations and how the police work through effective discipline and teamwork can overcome disorder.²

The Military Preparation Course aims to equip students with key skills for entry into the military, such as an understanding of discipline, students will be issued uniform and expected to wear and maintain throughout the 16 weeks of their course. they will also look at the fitness requirements and get themselves in a position ready for entry into the military.  This course is for students who have gained mainly grade 3s in their GCSEs or gained passes in NVQ Level 1 or fist diploma.

Cirencester College will be recruiting new students to the Military Preparation Course starting in February to register your interest click through here 

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