Students get a taste of the toughest challenge, Marine Training

Recently Cirencester College’s Uniformed Public Service students took part in what one student described as ‘five of the hardest days of their Life……’

The students spent 5 days of Marine training at the Commando Training Centre in Lympstone, Devon. On arrival on the first day the students settled in and were assigned their lockers, bunks, kit for the week this included boots, MTP gear, water bottles helmets and belts.

On Day 2 the real hard work started, the students were straight out on to the endurance course.  This included 3 miles of undulating running through bogs, streams and the infamous sheep dip.  To give the students some idea of the level of fitness of the professionals, they completed the course in 2 hours whereby most marines will have to get just this section done in 30 minutes and then complete the slog back to camp and a shooting test making sure the riffle is good to use. Day 2 finished on a Weapons Demonstration.

So Day 2 was just a warm up for Day 3 which they called “The Big one!”  In the morning students took part in PRMT tests which includes the bleep test, sit ups, press ups, pull ups and a military swim test.  Followed up in the afternoon by another Field Assault course which included tank traps,
6ft walls, fences, leopard crawls and tunnels.

The pace didn’t let up and by Day 4 the students visited Woodbury Common where they did basher training, RAT Pack Cookin, Cam and Concealment Stalk ending on Day 5 with a Battle Fitness Test, a 12.5min 1.5 mile run with 1 minute rest 1.5 mile run back, running as fast past as possible.

The students then had their very own Pass Out Parade when they were given PRMC test scores

Uniformed Public Services Course Lecturer Joe Mitchell said, “I was really proud of all our students, especially the females who were prepared to give this opportunity a go now that the Royal Marines is open to both Men and Women.  All the students said that they have learnt a lot, not just about the Royal Marines, but also about themselves. Out of the 14 students that we took down incredibly 5 students made the grade to join the Marines.”

If you are interested in Uniformed Public Services then please come along to our Open Evening on Thursday 17 January between 5pm and 8pm.