Biology students visit Birmingham Conference

This week a group of twenty nine year 1 and year 2 A-level Biology students enjoyed a series of lectures from top scientists at Birmingham Town Hall.

The first talk was taken by Dr Hannah Critchlow who did a presentation on neuroscience and how the brain is able to form new connections and memories. The conference continued with the celebrated scientist Professor Robert Winston who gave the students a thought provoking lecture on how science has the potential to manipulate the human genome, challenging the students about the ethics that need to be considered.

In the afternoon, Dr Jennifer Rohn talked about the history of antibiotics and the growing urgency to do something about the inevitable resistance developed by bacteria. The penultimate talk of the day was an entertaining lecture by Dr Ben Goldacre on the false claims that the MMR vaccine caused autism and the dangers of how statistics can be misinterpreted. Finally Professor of Human Genetics Steve Jones discussed the evolution of our species and the importance of Darwin’s theory of natural selection.

Biology lecturer David Bell said, “The students really enjoyed the day and the different talks, which is really important in building their knowledge and understanding from their Biology lessons at College.”

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