College celebrates Environmental Awareness Day

Students and teachers last week celebrated Cirencester College’s Environmental Awareness Day by turning off lights, car sharing, litter picking and raising awareness of Climate Change.

The event took place  ahead of ‘Earth Hour’ on Saturday when millions of people turned off their lights in the name of sustainability and climate change awareness.

Biology Lecturer David Bell organised the Environmental Awareness Day in order to involve as many staff and students as possible. Energy saving methods were measured such as turning off unnecessary lights and appliances between 1 and 2.30pm.  Savings were then calculated for the year from just making these small adjustments and totalled an annual saving of £2331.00.

Students were a big part of the environmental clean-up on the day, some using their lunch hour to litter pick. Animal Management students, led by teacher Kim Monahan filled over seven full bags of rubbish as part of the self-titled Trash Bag Challenge. The team were assisted by their fluffy mascot, Daisy the dog. Geography students also got involved by championing Climate Change awareness by displaying posters on about the issue across the College.

Some members of staff decided to go that ‘extra mile’ by car sharing, cycling, or walking their daily commute. Three staff members  arrived by electric car travelling from the Fairford area: “It wasn’t until we organised the trip that we realised just round the corner from each other. This could mean that we make this a regular thing in future,” said one member of staff. Collectively staff and students saved over 100 miles worth of fuel by using more sustainable forms of transport.

Organiser David Bell congratulated the effort of both students and staff saying: “Overall it seemed to be a real success and I’m very grateful to everyone who got behind the idea and supported it on the day. It just goes to show that doing something as simple as sharing a lift, or switching a light off, can really have a positive impact. I think it would be great to hold more Environmental Awareness Days in future – especially now we have targets to beat!”

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