Award winning student to make feature-film debut

First year student Olivia Maiden will produce ‘Peace In Our Time,’ her first feature-length film inspired by her History studies into World War II Britain.

Due to begin filming later this summer, Olivia is no newcomer to the silver screen having already produced short film ‘Never Alone.’ The film has been nominated for 20 film festival selections and seen Olivia win the ‘Festival Award’ at the High Peak Independent Film Festival and ‘Best Young Actress’ at the Birmingham Film Festival.

Olivia, who studies A-level English, History, and Politics says her grandparents stories, combined with a love of history, are behind her latest project: “I got really interested in World War II and my College has also helped me to research my film,” says Olivia.

“We’re also doing global politics in one of my other subjects, which has made me see the links between what was happening then and what’s still happening in 2019. Lots of children are still at war today, caught up in the firing line and no one seems to notice because it doesn’t directly affect them, but hopefully this will bring it home to the UK audience.”

Peace In Our Time follows a group of children who stay behind during the blitz, pretending to be spies and playing on Britain’s war-torn streets, that is, until they uncover someone who may be a real one and have to decide what to do next.


In order to fund the film, expected to cost around £10,000, Olivia has been appealing to thousands of people online through various crowd funding websites. So far she has raised over £3000, and appeared publically on BBC local radio. Olivia is also personally backing the film through her acting roles in other films: “The College has been really supportive and understanding of me taking time off to film,” she says.

All profits from the film will be going to charity War Child who stand up for young people caught in conflict. Peace In Our Time is due to be released on May 8, 2020 to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the end of WW2.

If you would like to support Olivia and make a donation, you can do so via her website:

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