Double Gold for May in Olympiad Awards

Congratulations to May Fisher who was awarded double gold in the Biology and Chemistry Olympiads.

In total, Biology and Chemistry students won 5 gold, 13 silver and 12 bronze certificates in this year’s national ‘Olympiad’ competitions.

The Biology and Chemistry Olympiads are two of the leading science competitions for students across the UK. They are run annually as a challenging opportunity for students to develop problem solving skills, apply familiar knowledge and extend their talents. This year saw the Olympiads’ largest ever turnout, with participants facing fierce competition.

Thirty-eight Cirencester College students took part across the two events, with an ambitious group of students, including May Fisher, Leon Slade, Alice Eagles, Abigail Ntim, Moyinoluwa Omobomi, Ethan Watts, Jaspreet Kaur – taking part in both competitions.

Biology lecturer David Bell said, “A special mention to Isobel King and Oliver Foster who are both Year 1 Biology students. These two did particularly well considering they were not even half way through their A-Level course when they sat the competition. They are certain to do really well should they enter again next year.

“Also, a huge thank you to Judith for once again organising this year’s Chemistry Olympiad, and taking time out to mark the papers.”


Biology Olympiad results:

2 Gold awards: May Fisher and Leon Slade

3 Silver awards: Matilda Geller, Ethan Watts and Alice Eagles

4 Bronze awards: Lydia Lewis, Rowan Maddock, Daniel Scott and Felix Bowers

Other students who were highly commended:

Isobel King, Oliver Foster, Martha Lukas, Mya Larocque, Guilherme Nunes de Brito, Fathema Miah, Charlotte Mills, Abigail Ntim, Rupli Moores-Mason, Jaspreet Kaur and Moyinoluwa Omobomi.


Chemistry Olympiad results:

3 Golds awards: May Fisher, Sophie Kell and Oliver Pennington

10 Silver awards: Laurence Cannon, Robert Crabtree, Alice Eagles, Alex Evans, Lorissa Farrell, Charlie Laycock, Eloise Mei, Darius Michienzi, Sam Page, Leon Slade

8 Bronze awards: Simon Crew, Ellen Foster, Abigail Ntim, Moyinoluwa Omobomi, Ben Palacio, Ethan Watts, Ailish Watts, Sam Webber

Other students who were highly commended: Maurice Adjei, Leah Fitzpatrick, Jaspreet Kaur.


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