Geography students visit Nettlecombe Field Studies Centre

15 Geography students recently visited Nettlecombe Field Studies Centre in Somerset and carried out a range of fieldwork activities to give them lots of ideas to apply to their Independent Investigation.

Over the three days students braved the cold and wet weather conditions to collect fieldwork data to do with Coastal Management, Changing Places and the Carbon and Water Cycle.

Students conducted their own fieldwork investigation into the effectiveness of coastal management and how Minehead has changed its identity over time. In addition students did an investigation into the woodland to measure how much carbon trees captured. Independent investigations amount to 20% of the investigation.

Geography student Chloe Ferris explains, “The Somerset trip was a very useful insight into coursework ideas and new data collection techniques that will help me boost my grades. The guide was very helpful and the accommodation was really lovely being surrounded by beautiful countryside. I would definitely recommend this trip to first years to really get ideas for their coursework.”

If you would like to find out more about Geography at Cirencester College come along to our Open Evening on Thursday 27 June from 5pm to 8pm.