College poets selected for prestigious anthology

Two students have recently been selected by the Young Writer’s Poetry Escape competition to be published in the regional anthology.

Megan Griffiths and Liberty Beswick, competed against over 8,000 entries to have their poems ‘Ignorance’ and ‘Humanity’ included in ‘Poetry Escape’ – South West Poets.

Both students will also be considered for the chance to win £100 each if they make the UK’s top 5.

“I didn’t believe it when I first heard it,” says Megan. “To know my writing was good enough to be included in something like this feels amazing!”

Megan says she was inspired by her Creative Writing enrichment: “I use English as my escape and being able to write something and take it to my teachers really helps me feel confident.”

“They ignore the cries for help,

All in exchange for the perfect image,

No matter what they insist.”

– Megan, Ignorance

Libby adds: “When I chose to enter the competition I went to my teacher Jo and she was super enthusiastic and suggested some pointers.”

Now set on going to university, Libby hopes to pursue a career in politics or international development. “Part of inspiring change is that you have to be a good orator or creative writer,” she explains.

Megan is now trying to compile her own anthology, having compiled over 50 poems that cover a staggering 27 pages.

“We are dandelions in cracked pavements, drips

From an icicle upon snow-covered grass.

We called ourselves ‘Sapiens’.”

– Libby, Humanity

Both students urge others to come forward in future: “Your work is out there so it will directly impact someone, someone will read it and think about what you have said.”

Poetry Escape – South West Poets is due to be published on July 10.

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