Robotics students attend national final

Four students recently competed against schools and colleges from across Europe at the UK’s largest autonomous-robotics competition.

Student Robotics 2019 aimed to test the ‘metal’ of contestant’s robots with a 25 zone scoring grid. Teams had to navigate the arena’s raised platforms, grabbing tokens along the way and then dropping or catapulting them, into the volcano.

The team Ioan Bryon, Ned Glover, Alex Cooke, Timothy Reynolds all performed well, but had to bow out due to unforeseen technical difficulties.

“You feel the pressure as you want to do well against the other teams. It was quite exciting to see teams come from as far away as Germany!” says Ned.

The students programmed their robot to independently navigate the arena known as ‘The Caldera,’ gaining additional points for tactically parking their robot.

“I think going to the competition, students really felt the intensity which gave off a buzz to get the robot down and into the arena,” says Team Leader Nick Peers-Dent.

“It was amazing to see the robot run and do exactly what it was supposed to do, getting big cheers from the competitors, especially when our robot dropped the last block with a second to go,” he adds.

Ned says the experience has left him inspired: “It was a lot of fun and I’d really recommend others get involved. Nick and Keith have given me the confidence to produce my best work. I’m hoping to use what I’ve learnt to apply to study robotics at university.”

Students are given custom-made electronics and guided tutoring to prepare for the competition as part of the Robotics Enrichment.

You can learn about Cirencester College’s Electronics A-Level as well as other STEM programmes, at our Open Evening on Thursday 27th June, 5-8pm.