Students learn about Holocaust at Auschwitz

Two students have recently taken part in the ‘Lessons from Auschwitz Project’ by visiting the concentration camps in Poland.

The project involves students hearing from holocaust survivors to make the experience even more emotional and memorable.

Chelsea Oswald and Roxy Robinson were chosen to take part after winning an essay writing competition in A-level History.

“It’s heart-breaking to hear about the Holocaust from an actual survivor because it makes the experience even more real,” says Chelsea.

Students learnt about Jewish life before the war and heard from one holocaust survivor who was taken to Auschwitz as a child.

Over one million people, mostly Jews, were imprisoned at Auschwitz between 1940 and 1945 including men, women and children.

Chelsea mentions how the group saw a large collection of cooking pots on display at the camps. “These weren’t just Jews, but parents who wanted to provide for their children,” she explains.

Roxy adds: “Seeing the personal belongings and the gas chambers was particularly difficult to witness.”

“I felt the College really helped me by making me fully aware of everything that was going to happen, making the trip was much less daunting,” says Roxy.

After the trip Chelsea and Roxy were given the opportunity to share their experiences with other students including the shocking, close proximity of the camps to town and the ethics behind taking ‘selfies’ at the camps.

History Lecturer Jane Janes: “This was an excellent opportunity that too few students have. In today’s modern and divisive world, it is vitally important that Roxy and Chelsea get to pass on the stories of survivors to the wider College community.”

Surely everyone wants to stop these atrocities happening in future,” says Roxy.


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