Uniformed Public Service Students Discover Fire Service Opportunities

Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue team has been helping students discover the opportunities open to them after they leave College.

Firefighters, Paul and Liana, related the changing nature of the job on their recent visit to the College, aiming to inspire the future generation of emergency service personnel. The pair explained how fiercely competitive and rewarding the job can be, but also the increased demand for on-call firefighters.

Thirteen students from the Uniformed Public Services course asked stimulating questions, such as: ‘Would a firefighter’s shift start when they left the base?’ and ‘what commitment is required from an on-call firefighter?’

“The Uniformed Public Services students were engaging and informed about the role of a modern day firefighter. Questions were asked about how firefighters cope with incident related trauma and how they maintain their fitness levels. We really enjoyed meeting the group and hope to visit other students in the future,” said Firefighter Liana.

Rural counties like Gloucestershire currently rely on the service from on-call firefighters, who live within the local community. These firefighters may have other jobs and family commitments, but are on standby in case of emergencies.

Students pursuing a career in the fire service can expect to work in one of the county’s 21 fire stations currently in operation.

You can learn more about our Uniformed Public Services courses on our website, www.cirencester.ac.uk. Alternatively, if you’d like to find more information about joining GFRS: https://www.gloucestershire.gov.uk/glosfire/recruitment/


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