Congratulations to College Duke of Edinburgh students who win the Cotswolds’ Spirit of Youth Award

Five Silver Duke of Edinburgh students were the toast of the Cotswolds last week winning the ‘Spirit of Youth’ Award at the Pride of Cotswolds Awards Ceremony last week.

Oliver Cook, Guy Saxby, Elena Clements, Ollie Clements and Charlotte Clements were recognised for their bravery for rescuing an injured mountain bike rider from the Welsh Black Mountains.

At the time the team were taking part in a practice Silver DofE walk when they came across an injured biker who had fallen heavily. The team took immediate action by preventing the 46-year-old man from making the descent down the mountain alone after sustaining serious injuries.

The students applied their first aid training straight away by keeping the man warm during the four hours it took for the Longtown Mountain Rescue team to arrive: “He started shaking because it was so cold up there, so we wrapped his legs and injured shoulder and zipped him into one of our sleeping bags,” said Charlotte.

Students Ollie and Elena had to run down the mountain to meet the emergency services, as the helicopter responders were unable to land safely. Coordinating with the other members of their group, Guy, Oliver and Charlotte, the students successfully navigated the emergency crew to the patient.

Speaking after the rescue the students said: “The experience has brought us closer together and now we know what we need to do in future if anything happens to us.”

Team Leader Stuart Williams said: “I’m really proud of the students gaining recognition with this well deserved award. As a group they reacted in a professional manner to a difficult situation, keeping the patient warm, treating him for shock and coordinating the mountain rescue team.”

Cirencester College is a provider for the Silver and Gold Duke of Edinburgh Awards if you would like to find out more come along to our Open Day on Saturday 12 October between 10am and 3pm.