Joint initiative degree students visit beagle kennels as part of studies

Royal Agricultural University students on our joint initiative degree recently visited the RAC hunt beagle kennels.

The FdSc Animal Science Degree has been developed as a joint initiative between the RAU and Cirencester College, and includes new state-of-the-art bioscience laboratories and an animal centre with more than 60 species. On this specialist degree, students gain in-depth laboratory training and practical animal handling and husbandry skills – all underpinned by a strong theoretical core relevant to a range of animal species and animal business contexts.

The first year students visited the RAC hunt beagle kennels which are managed day to day by RAU students, as part of their Animal Husbandry module. The students need to understand how animal accommodation can be influenced by how the animals are being kept. The students also need to consider the animals and their keepers’ needs as well as compliance with relevant legislation.

The staff gave the students a very informative talk about how the kennels is run on a day to day basis, and husbandry routine for the beagles.

Lecturer Corinne Hill said of the trip: “Going out with the hounds was a highlight of the trip, especially seeing them getting time to play and watching the younger puppies learn from the adults.”

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