Self-Esteem Team deliver talk on stress prior to mock exam week

Students with approaching mock exams in February and A-levels in the summer have been learning handy techniques of how to manage this potentially stressful time.

‘The Self Esteem Team’ came in and provided this informative session to all College students throughout the day. The team are dedicated to educating young people on issues surrounding mental health and have already reached over 100,000 young people with their messages about breaking down the stigmas around the subject.

Today the students heard from Amie about her experiences of overcoming stress and anxiety. Amie spoke candidly about her experiences and gave some advice about how to tap into intrinsic motivators to override the fight or flight mechanism that can kick in during stressful situations. For students struggling with exam stress, these techniques were particularly useful.

Organiser and Pastoral Lead Charlotte Vaughn said about the event: “Working in partnership with the Self Esteem Team is one of the many ways in which we aim to provide a safe and nurturing environment for our diverse student community.”

Student comments included:

“It was really insightful to see the different ways that poor mental health can affect your life, but it was good to learn about the coping mechanisms.”

“There were loads of useful tips into how to deal with stressful situations.”

“It was really useful in preparation for my February mock exams as I do put myself under lots of unnecessary pressure.”

“It was interesting to hear how Amie’s personal story has affected her and it was really useful to hear first hand so I don’t feel as alone.”

You can follow the Self Esteem Team on Instagram: _selfesteemteam or Twitter: _SelfEsteemTeam.

If you’re struggling with exam-related or any other stress, speak to a member of staff or get in touch with our pastoral team.