Uniformed Public Services students host Disability Roadshow for local school children

Last week nine of our Uniformed Public Services students hosted and led a Disability Roadshow for local primary school children who might not otherwise be able to take part in all physical activities at school.

The Year 1, Level 2 UPS group planned out a whole range of activities for the children to take part in, including wheelchair basketball, curling, table tennis and powerchair football. The powerchair football proved to be a particular favourite, and the power chairs were provided by Active Gloucestershire and the Goals Beyond Grass initiative.

The day was part of the students’ module on leadership which encourages the group to plan and lead physical activities for Special Educational Needs (SEN) individuals. Of the nine students organising the day, each had a certain role to fulfill including coaches, first aid, marshalls, health and safety officers and Head Communicator, who led the group.

The aim of the event was to celebrate inclusion for KS2 pupils and for them to be aware of how many inclusive activities are available in Gloucestershire to suit various disabilities. This is also a great way for pupils to learn more about Paralympic sport that is taking place in Tokyo and take time to watch the sport and feel inspired. Students from Cirencester Primary, Stratton Primary and St Lawrence Primary School attended.

Organiser Jess Smith said: “Thanks to our Sport England funding, this was a fantastic opportunity for both the college students and our visiting pupils to take part in an array of disability sports. From this, the students have gained a variety of employability skills and a disability in sport awareness qualification, contributing to their Leadership unit in their UPS course.”

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