A-level Chemistry teacher launches explosive YouTube channel

For many people, Chemistry may be seen as a tricky subject to study, particularly at A-level as the topics become more advanced. One of our Chemistry teachers, Sean Pearce, has created a YouTube channel to help students understand concepts studied in class in more detail.

Sean is never one to shy away from a practical lesson, and first created the channel towards the end of 2019 to help show students how to create graphs and plot data into spreadsheets. “The Chemistry YouTube account is primarily about giving students access to resources and demonstrations that they would normally have to be in the lab for,” said Sean. “It started because we needed an innovative way to teach students how to process data in Excel.”  Since then, the videos have become a lot more exciting and creative, from firing canons to submerging Jelly Babies in molten potassium chlorate.

But why is it important to Sean to teach A-level Chemistry in such a practical way?

“The work on YouTube ensures that we are making use of student’s devices, and also provides a 24/7 resource that students can go to for revision. Recently I have put videos together that show students how to complete more complex practical tasks (such as reflux and distillation). Students have been encouraged to use them as they construct apparatus to ensure that standard procedures are followed.

Another strand of the channel is to show that Chemistry can be a fun subject, and to document student experience (for example in our Christmas video). It is my belief that using technology like this not only enhances the student learning experience, but also enhances the reputation of Cirencester College.”

Find the link to our Chemistry YouTube channel here or click here to find out more about our A-level Chemistry course.