Student Enterprise Group Chosen for National Competition

Four Cirencester College students have been chosen to represent the College as part of the Tycoon Enterprise Competition, run by the Peter Jones Foundation.

Their entrepreneurial idea, Tutor Together, offers a specialist tutoring service to local GCSE children at a fair price. The tutoring will be delivered by the group themselves, being familiar with GCSEs having recently taken the exams themselves. All tutors have received a high grade in the subject and will also be DBS checked prior to tutoring. The group’s strapline is “Offering an engaging, structured and affordable tutoring experience”, something they hope will be delivered throughout the tutoring sessions.

The competition is a national enterprise competition for students aged 6 to 18, in which groups put forward a business plan then are given a grant to set it up if the idea is chosen. At the start of February, the Enterprise group submitted a business plan and accompanying video to the competition, which outlined their ideas.

The Enterprise group is made up of Molly Scrase-Kings, Managing Director, Oscar Pearce, Head of Operations, Rishi Rodway-Anand, Head of Finance and Tarun Rodway-Anand, Head of Marketing and Sales.

“The idea of running a business really excites me, it’s something I want to go into in the future and this will be really good practice for me. I’m also looking to study Business at university so this will hopefully give me a taste for what it will be like.” said Rishi.

“I think the scheme will build on my existing leadership skills, and will encourage me to work hard and see the project through. I’m excited to get started but also quite nervous.” said Molly.

If you or anyone you know is interested in GCSE tutoring, please email the group on The group will offer tutoring on-site at Cirencester College, with favourable prices for block bookings.

The teams will trade for five weeks in total, after which the winning team will be decided. We wish the group the very best and will get in touch soon to find out how they’re getting on!