Cirencester College Biology department holds first-ever Wildlife Photography Competition

Cirencester College’s Biology Department recently held its first-ever Photography Competition. Students from both Year 1 and 2 were encouraged to send in photos of local wildlife they had snapped during their time off.
Dave Bell, lecturer in Biology, said: “We decided to run the competition as something extra for students to get involved in during the lockdown period. The competition was open to both Year 1 and Year 2 students and they were encouraged to take photos of any wildlife they came across while they were out and about getting their daily exercise. In the end we had nearly forty entries in total!”
In Year 1 the overall winner was Joelle Cattermole with her fantastic frog shot. The whole team agreed that it was a stunning photo with excellent focus on the eye in the centre of the image (it’s one of those photos where the frog seems to be watching you whichever angle you look at it from!).
Jude Lynch was the Year 1 runner-up this year with his superb close up of a Red admiral butterfly.
In Year 2 the winner was Jaz Mylechreest with her beautiful buttercup image. The judges really liked the way only a single flower had been kept in focus while the rest were blurred in the background.
The very close runner up in Year 2 this year was Emily Strickland and her striking snail photo.
Both winners received Amazon vouchers as prizes. The competition was so successful that the Biology department hopes to run it again in the future. Well done to all of the entries!
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