‘Freezer of Love’: Meals made available to students in need

Cirencester College is now home to a ‘Freezer of Love’ as part of a local scheme that helps to provide people who are in need with home-cooked meals.

The Freezers of Love are provided by The Long Table, a community food hall supporting local hubs and supply chains. The freezers are situated across the Cotswolds in easily accessible sites, and are full of freshly cooked, frozen ready meals using donated, surplus, local ingredients. The movement serve around fifty hot meals a week onsite, in addition to over 40,000 freshly cooked frozen meals during lockdown. The Freezer of Love at Cirencester College will offer our students and staff with a ready-made, fresh meal, in return for a small donation if possible. This money will go straight to The Long Table to help provide more meals to others in need. After taking a meal from the freezer, donations can be made via the QR code on the freezer, or via their website.

The Long Table website says that the meals are available for: “someone who is isolating, had a baby, lost someone they care about, change of job, just moved house, frightened, alone, busy, struggling financially, low confidence about cooking, or just enjoys trying good food and supporting a movement for change.”

Pastoral Manager Mike Cadman said: “With the help of The Long Table social enterprise, Cirencester College is able to help out some of our more vulnerable students get access to tasty, nutritious food to take away with them at the end of the day, for free! We’re really proud to be offering this scheme for students in need.”

The freezer can be found inside the Progression Hub at College.