A-level Sociology students explore men’s mental health in College collaboration

Sociology students from Cirencester College recently took part in an online forum with another College, exploring and discussing men’s mental health issues.

The students joined Sociology students from Hills Road College in Cambridge on a video call, and each group presented research they had carried out. The focus of the study was to better understand the scale of issues surrounding men’s mental health and the barriers many men face in recognising and discussing their own mental health challenges. After the presentations, the 150 participants came together to share an insightful discussion on the issues raised.

Students were alarmed by the statistics surrounding Men’s Mental Health, including the fact that:

  • Three times more men die from suicide than women.
  • Three-quarters of adults who go missing are men.
  • Men report lower levels of life satisfaction than women.

Head of Sociology, Tom Bint said: “It would of course be naïve to assume this collaborative effort alone would make huge inroads into such a complex issue, however, simply listening to our students and hearing their suggestions has enabled us to better understand the pressures they face. Although lockdown has been incredibly hard for many, there are signs of people increasingly realising that it’s ‘alright, to not feel right’, that we are opening up about such issues and we appear to be looking out for each other more and more. A big thank you to all the students who took part, but a particular mention to our research team of Katy-Erin Thomson, Kiera Talmage, Kym Williams & Ellie Sanders, who were sensitive and mature around the subjects raised.”

The session will in turn help the College’s Pastoral Team to assist students in finding strategies to better manage their own mental health. It will also aid the team in their continuing work to increase the acceptance that it is okay to seek support.

If you are a student and you are struggling at the moment, please contact the Pastoral Team in the Progression Hub or send them a message using the smiley/sad face icon on your CCO page.